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I was giddy when I signed my first book contract, for You Are Where You Eat, in 2005. The first publisher I approached said yes, and that was that. Of course, I made sure I got a decent deal? I showed the draft to a few people in the know (including my dad, who owned a bookstore) and everyone confirmed that this indeed was a standard contract; no funny business. I received my glorious advance of $500 and worked on the book for an additional two years, while freelancing and working side jobs (mainly sewing) to pay bills. After the manuscript was finished, the publisher sent me a letter, asking that I raise money to cover their costs for printing my book.

When my book finally came out in the fall of 2008, the publisher threw a party for me in Jackson, Mississippi. It was a nice party. There I was, with my brand-new book and two new daughters (Agnes 2006, Lucia 2007), walking like a penguin after two car accidents wrecked my foot and ankle and then my pelvis, still without health insurance, and flat broke. My publisher, meanwhile, was  happy with how well my book was selling, and wanted to know when my next book would be coming their way. At that time, I'd still only made  the $500 from three years prior, so I smiled and said, "Let's see."

As a writer, photographer, designer, and editor, all I needed to do to self-publish my second book, The Gravy, was find a good, affordable printer. I did; I got my second book out; and now we throw our own parties to celebrate our successes, or just because it's Tuesday.

I've been a one-stop-shop for many other artists here in New Orleans who want to get their work into print, whether it's posters, album design, festival programs, or hard cover fine art photography books.

I could help you, too.

Need a Website?

I create websites for Louisiana artists (and others) on a sliding scale.

Album Design

Book Design

Cover image of Babel by Miriam Waterman

Brochure Design

Back cover of the brochure for the Tennessee Williams Festival
Front cover of the brochure for the Tennessee Williams Festival.